Conscious Living ~Parenting

• December 15th, 2018

TODAY - We are discussing "Conscious Living~Parenting"!  Are you a conscious parent?  Do you see your children as kids to be protected at all cost?  What if you are protecting them from growing up into fully functioning, responsible and capable adults? What is a Helicopter Parent and how do you know you are one?  Tune in to find out what happens when parents shirk their parenting responsibility at a social event the doctors attended.   

*************IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!**************
Only 3 episodes left of this broadcast version of The Conscious Living Show!  We have moved to Voice America and are now streaming our grown up version LIVE Every Tuesday 9am PT / 12noon ET!  

Dr's Nancy & Mark bring you the Yin/Yang, East/West, Logical/Creative perspectives to all topics around Conscious Living ~ Sexuality.  For Mature Audiences Only.

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Drs Nancy & Mark Conscious Living Tactics

• September 14th, 2018

What bothers you most about the world today?  Medicine costs?  Misunderstandings with communication?  People wasting police officer's time with rediculous calls?  Dr. Nancy & Mark discuss and offer some common sense perspectives and tactics for you to feel better about your life all the while becoming more conscious of how you respond to the world around you.

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CLShow Aug 4, 2018 “Pearls In The Ash”

• August 4th, 2018

How we endured the Carr Fire and what we've learned. BLOG HERE

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July 7, 2018 “The Magic of Retreats”

• July 8th, 2018

Join Dr. Nancy today as she shares intimate details of the most recent retreat she hosted in the Caribbean for Women and the Men Who Adore Them.  

So much learning, growing, bonding, and deepening the human experience.  


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“Man School” W/Matthew Solomon

• June 16th, 2018

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce speaks today about the power of trigger words and how to use our triggers to stimulate self inquiry as well as deeper conversations.  This leads to better understanding of each other and lessens the chance for miscomunications.

Then Dr. Nancy interviews Matthew Solomon, "The Coach for the Modern Soul," who is also an author, award-winning filmmaker and father of three about his newly released book, "“Man School: Relating with Women in the #MeToo Era,” a perfectly timed book written by a man, for men. Women are loving this book too because we need to know there are men out there who "get it" like Matthew does, and who will help relay this to other men who want to understand and have better relationships with women.

Purchase your book through Father's Day weekend for only $3.99.  

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10 Keys For Men Seminar

• June 9th, 2018

Join Dr. Nancy on June 11th for a Men's Event - "10 Keys To Unlock Your Woman's Sexual Desire".  1325 Tehama Street. Redding,Ca 96001 
5:30-6:15pm - The Gift Of Yoga For Men

6:30-8pm - Seminar by Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

Cost $30 in advance

       $45 at the door

Purchase Tickets Here ---> PURCHASE TICKET.

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Being 13 in 2018

• April 14th, 2018

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce interviews her second granddaughter, Avery, on world topics from the view point of being a 13 year old young woman.  Very interesting to hear who we are leaving the world to.  

#MakeShiftHappen #ConsciousLivingShow #DrNancySuttonPierce #StirSomeShift #WakeUpToYourLife #KCNR1460 #SelfResponsibility #MeTooMovement #TimesUP #GenderEquality #YouthWillDoBetterThanUs #SexualChoiceIsPersonalNotPolitical #OurBodyOurChoice 

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HPV to Conversion Therapy

• April 14th, 2018

Dr's Nancy & Mark discuss two current topics; HPV vaccines for boys and girls and the three assembly bills regarding the church's right to offer and charge for homosexual conversion therapy programs.  Tune in - Wake Up - Make Shift Happen!

#ConsciousLivingShow #WakeUpToYourLife #MakeShiftHappen #StirSomeShift  

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Women of Vision Interviews

• January 29th, 2018

A Live Remote show where Dr. Nancy interviews entrepreneurial members of Women Of Vision-Redding.  

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2017 Autopsy 2018 Plan

• December 30th, 2017

Let's do something different and hope for a better result!  

New Year's Resolutions don't work - we know this.  So I have some ideas that might just help you make your 2018 the best year of your life!  Interested? Tune in - Join the Blog! 

Find out about the very empowering event for women in January in the northern California area!

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